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Rx Vitamins 1 Can 180 Capsules for Pets-Hepato Support, One Size

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Hepato Support contains a high quality extract of milk thistle along with antioxidants and supportive nutrients to help promote normal liver function. The active bioflavonoid complex in milk thistle, silymarin, is a powerful antioxidant in the liver and has become the focus of extensive scientific research. The main ingredients in Hepato have been selected as a special formulation to improve the functioning of an unhealthy liver. Milk thistle extract‚ the main ingredient of Hepato‚ is widely used to help protect liver cells and it promotes proper liver function. Because milk thistle contains silymarin‚ it prevents against glutathione depletion. Glutathione is found in your liver and is an important detoxifying compound. Hepato is prepared to additionally provide your pet with vitamins that have been identified to help in liver recovery. Vitamin B1 is extremely beneficial to the liver because it helps the body repair itself‚ and can even promote the growth of new liver tissue. Vitamin B12 is used because it helps form red blood cells. Contains 180 capsules.The liver in your dog or cat plays a vital role in its overall health
Symptoms of a bad liver: weight loss ; excessive urination; excessive thirst; lethargy; bloated stomach; vomiting; diarrhea
The liver is responsible for producing most of the compounds your pet’s body needs to support optimal function and is also responsible for filtering toxins from the body
Helps keep your family pet healthy and happy

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