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Pure Essence Labs LifeEssence Multivitamin Powder for Women and Men – Natural Herbal Supplement with Vitamin D, D3, B12, Biotin – 7.3 oz

Price: $37.99
(as of Dec 07,2018 01:28:53 UTC – Details)

Ingredient and Label Improvement

Improved Flavor

  • Flavor has been improved. It’s hard to describe flavors, but our testing panel unanimously preferred the new version to the old. It’s still a lemony taste, but cleaner, and more effective at overcoming the unpleasant vitamin taste.

Methyltetrahydrofolate (MTHF)

  • This is a form of folate that is usable as is by the body. The folate in many supplements is supplied as folic acid, which must be converted in the body by an enzymes to folate. It has been learned that many people lack this enzyme and thereby get no benefit from folic acid. The MTHF is already in food like folate form and does not have to be converted. It is vastly more expensive than folic acid, but a much, much better nutrient form.

Vitamin D3 from lichen

  • Vitamin was always thought to be present only in animals. Its sources as a supplement have been lamb’s wool or fish oil. It has now been found in a species of lichen, which is a moss like plant. This is a 100% vegan, whole food source, and highly preferable to the animal products that undergo many processing steps.

Vitamin K2 – as Menaquinone 7

  • This form of Vitamin K is far more expensive than K1, but provides better support for bone and cardiovascular health. It also stays in the body longer. It’s from Japanese natto, so it’s another whole food vitamin, and of course, it’s vegan. So, it has a lot of advantages.

COMPLETE IN EVERY WAY: Perfectly balanced, iron free vitamin and mineral profile enhanced by mixed tocopherols, bioflavonoids, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, trace minerals and co-nutrients
SUPER ENERGETIC: Vast SuperFood base for clean, clear, maximum energy boost
HOLISTIC CELLULAR SUPPORT SYSTEM: The world’s most profound adaptogenic botanicals to enhance cellular function in every bodily system
MADE IN USA: NonGMO, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Shellfish Free, Yeast Free, Vegetarian
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you’re not completely delighted with your results, we’ll happily refund your entire purchase price, including any taxes your state might charge

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