PRO45: #1 CLINICAL GRADE Probiotic Formula, 45 billion CFU, 11 patented strains. Dairy Free. Delayed release veggie caps. Promotes immune and digestive health. 30 Day Supply (1)

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LiveWell’s Pro-45 offers a broad spectrum probiotic formula with 45 billion guaranteed live cultures in each capsule and 11 robust, clinically studied probiotic strains that assist with acid and bile resistance and their ability to colonize within the gut. Each vegetarian, delayed release capsule contains NutraFlora prebiotic fiber to help boost the vitality and growth of good gut flora, so you can live well.

The Source

Pro-45 is the ultimate broad-spectrum probiotic formula, made to provide 45 billion live cells per daily amount and 11 clinically studied, beneficial strains.

Probiotic microorganisms have been scientifically shown to play a crucial role in maintaining good health. Though present in many live foods, these beneficial bacteria are destroyed by heat processing, making it difficult for the live probiotic cultures to populate the intestinal tract where they play an essential role in preserving and protecting the health of the digestive and immune systems.

In fact, all organs and systems rely on the health of the digestive tract, marking proper digestion as an essential function for the body to absorb and utilize the nutrients it needs. This army of gut bacteria, numbering close to 100 trillion, is a delicate ecosystem that when thrown out of balance, can create major disturbances and discord in every major system of the body.

From our mood and mental health, to our physical endurance and strength, and even our body’s ability to heal itself, probiotics are an essential part of a happy and strong gut microbiome.

Our Purpose: We believe in the power of whole foods. That is why we go to great lengths to craft naturally effective products, containing patented, clinically proven ingredients, forged through cutting edge extraction technologies, and purposefully delivered to you with a superior customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can live well.

Made In the USA

3rd Party TestedPRO-45 PROBIOTICS: Optimal Digestive & Immune Health*
New Packaging – Same Formula | Clinical Grade Formula
Delayed Release Capsules
With Nutraflora Prebiotic Fiber | With Lactospore
Guaranteed Potency

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