Leaky Gut Defense – 168gm Powder (appox 30 servings per container) | Formulated For Optimal Healing – Stevia-FREE! Now Sweetened with Monk Fruit | Contains: L-Glutamine, Arabinogalactan, Licorice Root 10:1 (deglycyrrhized) | Aloe Leaf (standardized to 50% polysaccharides) | Pharmaceutical Grade

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Leaky Gut Defense features five specialized ingredients for enhanced gastrointestinal support.

✔ L-Glutamine, the most abundant free form amino acid in the body, is very important for maintaining gastrointestinal and stimulated immune cell functioning. It is an important transporter of nitrogen (and carbon) in the body and therefore, is vital in wound healing.*

✔ Arabinogalactan, a polysaccharide derived from the Larch tree, contributes fermentable fiber to this formula in addition to having immuno-stimulatory properties. It minimizes ammonia synthesis and absorption, enhances production of short chain fatty acids and increases the gut microflora population.*

✔ Licorice Root Extract 10:1(deglycyrrhized) is a concentrated extract that has been processed to remove glycyrrhizin, thus eliminating any risk of licorice-associated side effects. It is anti-inflammatory, antispasmotic and has laxative and soothing effects.*

✔ Aloe Leaf Extract (standardized to 50% polysaccharides), used for thousands of years, is perhaps most well-known for healing of damaged epithelial tissue, including the bowel lining. The aloe extract used in Leaky Gut Defense does not have a laxative effect because the bitter principles have been removed.*

✔ Sweetened with Monk Fruit, monk fruit benefits include: fights free radicals, lowers risk of obesity, acts an an anti-inflammatory and coolant, combats infections, fights fatigue, works as a natural antihistamine and so much more!*

All Pure Therapeutics Formulas Meet or Exceed cGMP Quality Standards. This product is manufactured in the United States in a GMP-certified facility.Leaky Gut Defense is Stevia-FREE, it’s sweetened with Monk Fruit for added health benefits. Comes in a convenient powdered form, easy to mix. This formula is optimized for healing over taste. Manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified facility, for guaranteed quality and potency.
GASTROINTESTINAL SUPPORT – Helps heal leaky gut and repair the digestive lining. Enhanced production of short chain fatty acids.*
CUSTOM FORMULA: Contains – 3 g of L-Glutamine, Licorice Root 10:1(deglycyrrhized), Aloe Leaf (standardized to 50% polysaccharides), Arabinogalactan, & Monk Fruit
BENEFITS – Support for: Dysbiosis (leaky gut syndrome), IBS, food allergies and/or sensitivities, malabsorption, stomach pain, digestive problems, weight issues, gas/bloating, bowel issues, and more.*
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – 100% RISK FREE: If Leaky Gut Defense isn’t the best supplement you’ve ever tried, simply return the bottle (even if empty) for a complete, no questions asked, 100% refund of your purchase price! ***ONLY APPLIES TO SMALL SIZED JAR (168gm/30 servings)***

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