Protocol For Life Balance

Icon Code Therapy: Using “Quick-Fix Empowerment Protocols” to Resolve Issues, Balance Life Energies and Reducing Stress.

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The primary purpose of this Icon Code Therapy Program is to reduce the negative force fields within you as expressed by your doubts, hesitations, depressions and fears. The Icon Code Therapy Program parallels the philosophy and materials of the Divine Quick-Fix Healings book, and addresses the training programs and their implementation.

The ICON CODE THERAPY Program and book offer simple techniques for busy people on the run who value their time also dubbed the “Quick-Fix Generation.” It introduces self-healing technologies to combat negative elements within you. Icon Code Therapy empowers you to cope with your challenges as they arise, as well as chip away at these long-standing chronic issues.

We also have summarized below other purposes that can help you to live a healthy and happy life. Some of these purposes are:

To eliminate stress and fears
To better control your emotions
To release all behaviors that no longer serve you
To have a better sense of your self-worth
To reclaim responsibility for your health
To take preventive action for your well-being
To use your wisdom to generate positive changes
To remind you to ask God for help

This ground-breaking counseling psychology, self help guide continues the work of aiding multitudes in living a better life through a series of books that can change your life! Self-Empowerment and self healing through DNA Activation can give you the life you’ve been waiting for and deserve!

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