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Health Concerns – Astra 18 Diet – Fang Feng Tong Sheng Herbal Supplement – 90 Tablets

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Astra 18 Diet is a herbal supplement that provides support for your existing weight management plan. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that these herbs may work to clear excess dampness and phlegm-which are considered to be related to water retention and fat accumulation-while acting to disperse stagnant qi. Astra 18 Diet supports certain symptoms associated with gastrointestinal discomfort, such as abdominal bloating, erratic bowel movements, and mild constipation. Astra 18 Diet contains Astragalus Root, which is known as an adaptogen and promotes coping with certain symptoms of physical or mental stress in a healthy fashion.Health Concerns – Astra 18 Diet – 90 Tablets
Supports an existing weight management plan.
Health Concerns is at the leading edge of research in herbal medicine and is known for bringing the centuries of knowledge amassed in the Chinese herbal tradition to the West.

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