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Dr. Whitaker’s Triveratrol Gold for Healthy Aging Support, 60 capsules (30-day supply)

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For overall health and vitality, you can’t do better than Dr. Whitaker’s Triveratrol Gold, expertly formulated with six important plant-based ingredients for robust antioxidant power and free radical protection. Each bottle of Triveratrol Gold includes: 500 mg of Meriva Curcumin Extract-45x more bioavailable than other turmeric extracts. (In one study, it was shown that 450 mg Meriva-Triveratrol Gold has 500 mg-was absorbed as efficiently as 4 grams of ordinary curcumin.) The Meriva in Triveratrol Gold promotes long-term cellular health, supports a healthy inflammatory response, and helps maintain a healthy immune response, among other benefits; 100 mg of OxyPhyte Green Tea Extract, which is loaded with beneficial polyphenols for healthy cellular function and overall health and vitality; 350 mg of VinCare Whole Grape Extract for healthy HDL level support and comprehensive antioxidant support; 180 mg of ResVinol-25, which combines trans-Resveratrol and Red Wine Polyphenols for powerful antioxidant support and overall health and well-being; 100 mg of Sea Buckthorn (used in Chinese culture for thousands of years) to support healthy aging and overall health while helping to protect against harmful free radicals and promoting healthy cellular function; 100 mg of ACTIValoe Aloe Vera Extract promotes healthy aging, provides robust antioxidant support, free-radical protection, and total body nourishment. Together, these six plant-based extracts provide just what you need to keep your heart, skin, and cells healthy and vibrant. If you are looking for an exceptional, comprehensive solution for healthy aging and cardiovascular support, Triveratrol Gold is your best bet.SIX PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS PROVIDE ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION against harmful free radicals.
SUPPORTS HEALTHY AGING AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL, providing just what you need to keep your heart, skin, and cells healthy and vibrant.
DEVELOPED BY JULIAN WHITAKER, MD, PIONEER OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE and #1 clinical expert on nutritional supplementation for age-related concerns

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