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Dr. Whitaker’s Mighty Mocha Energy Essentials – Healthy Energy Supplement for Alertness, Mental Focus, and Clarity (14 Vegetarian Capsules)

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Instead of reaching for that sugary soda, fat-filled venti, or energy drink, get healthy energy on demand with Mighty Mocha Energy Essentials. Each small vegetarian capsule features a combination of plant-based ingredients: organic Coffeeberry fruit extract, chocolate extract, and organic blueberry extract, plus L-theanine. A component of the popular coffee plant, Coffeeberry fruit contains caffeine, which can help with mental alertness and energy. When combined, caffeine and L-theanine were shown in several clinical studies to balance the stimulating effects, resulting in smooth energy without the jitters. Might Mocha Energy also includes a chocolate extract (which is structurally similar to caffeine) to bolster the effects of the caffeine in the Coffeeberry extract, and blueberry powder which contains antioxidants to protect against harmful free radicals-which is key for overall health and wellness. Might Mocha Energy is the healthy energy booster you’re looking for without sugar, fat, or calories-and you can feel it in as little as 30 minutes! Convenient and easy-to-take, try it during your midafternoon slump or whenever you need a pick-me-up for clean, healthy energy. GET MIGHTY ENERGY!GET ON DEMAND ENERGY IN ONE SMALL VEGETARIAN PILL-WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST! Can’t focus? Sometimes sleepy? Turn that slump around and get that “get-up-and-go” feeling with Mighty Mocha Energy Essentials. Perfect for those looking for both added physical and mental energy-without jitters or crashes.
HELP INCREASE FOCUS, ATTENTION, MENTAL SHARPNESS, AND PHYSICAL ENERGY IN AS LITTLE AS 30 MINUTES WITHOUT THE JITTERS! Mighty Mocha Energy Essentials features a combination of four ingredients for healthy, convenient energy: organic Coffeeberry fruit extract with caffeine, chocolate extract, organic blueberry powder, and L-theanine.
PERFECT FOR THOSE SENSITIVE TO CAFFEINE. Enjoy a better, healthier alternative to sugar filled and over-caffeinated beverages, Might Mocha Energy increases sustained attention and alertness, reduces mental fatigue, and improves reaction time. The Coffeeberry fruit extract is paired with L-theanine to help balance the effects of the caffeine in the Coffeeberry extract-which promotes non-drowsy relaxation, reduces stress, and increases attention.
GLUTEN-, DAIRY-, AND SOY-FREE VEGETARIAN CAPSULE WITH NO SUGAR ADDED AND ZERO CALORIES. Just pop one energy booster capsule out of the easy-to-carry blister pack whenever you are feeling the afternoon-or anytime-slump.
Doctor-developed, customer-approved formula brought to you by Dr. Julian Whitaker.

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