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Dr. Whitaker’s Forward Plus Daily Regimen – Comprehensive Multivitamin Supplement Supports Optimal Energy, Strength, Vitality, and Stamina – 60 Packets (30-Day Supply)

Price: $59.99
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This comprehensive multivitamin foundation helps you experience vitality, strength, energy, and stamina for everyday optimal health. My Forward Plus Daily Regimen is my top nutritional recommendation for all my patients and is the best way to support your optimal health. Two packets per day provide important nutrients your body needs to support your heart, brain, bones, immune system, and nearly every system in your body for health and longevity. Dramatically different from many of todays once per day multivitamins, Forward Plus Daily Regimen provides healthy doses of researched nutrients to provide noticeable benefits. Forward Plus Daily Regimen has already helped tens of thousands of people significantly impact their health and their lives. The secret to its comprehensive benefits are the three nutrient complexes, each carefully developed, so I can deliver the best multi-nutrient formula to you. Every dose of Forward Plus Daily Regimen gives you: Forward Multi-Nutrient, an energizing vitamin and mineral complex with levels of all essentials nutrients needed for head-to-toe support. This includes a full spectrum of nature-based vitamins, as well as key minerals in their absorbable forms. O-3 Essentials Fish Oil, a pure, omega-3 fish oil supports your heart, brain and nearly every system in your body. O-3 Essentials contains standardized levels of the two critical omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA as they are found in nature. And the third component is PhytoNutrient Essentials, a unique complex of phytonutrients from foods that work at your cellular level to promote healthy, vibrant aging and polyphenols that protect you from the free radicals that lead to oxidative stress.THIS COMPREHENSIVE FORMULA IS AN ADVANCED 47-IN-1 MULTIVITAMIN that delivers total body support every day, all day for optimal health. SIMPLE TWICE-DAILY PACKETS let you avoid the expense and frustration of mixing and matching nutrients on your own
CONTAINS THREE UNIQUE COMPLEXES INCLUDING VITAMINS, MINERALS, AND OMEGA-3S to support healthy cognition, a healthy immune system, digestive comfort, and overall health and wellness
DEVELOPED BY JULIAN WHITAKER, MD, PIONEER OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, clinical expert on nutritional supplementation, and founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute, helping people improve their quality of life
DISTRIBUTED BY HEALTHY DIRECTIONS, known for its stringent quality control measures and Triple Testing Methodology which have led to a spotless safety record for more than 20 years

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