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Dr. Whitaker’s Bioactive Q Ubiquinol 100 mg Delivers Clinically Studied, Highly Bioavailable CoQ10, 60 Softgels (30 – Day Supply)

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BioActive Q Ubiquinol 100 mg contains completely soluble, 100 percent crystal-free ubiquinol CoQ10, plus the citrus fruit extract D-limonene. The research on this clinically studied combination shows improved bioavailability over ordinary ubiquinone CoQ10 supplements. This highly potent form of CoQ10 called CoQH-CF is a premier formulation that does not become oxidized and crystallizedthanks to a unique proprietary process that keeps the ubiquinol soluble and crystal-freewhich in turn helps to protect cells in the body from oxidative damage. It’s essential that you take the most effective form and the researched dose of CoQ10ubiquinol CoQ10 the CoQ10 your body craves. Ninety-five percent of the CoQ10 your body produces naturally, and prefers, is in this highly concentrated form that scavenges and neutralizes free radicals in the mitochondria. That’s why Dr. Whitaker’s BioActive Q Ubiquinol formula includes ubiquinol, the highly bioavailable form your body uses, in a crystal free version.IDEAL FOR ADULTS OVER 50, BIOACTIVE Q UBIQUINOL CONTAINS COMPLETELY SOLUBLE, 100 percent crystal-free ubiquinol CoQ10, plus the citrus fruit extract D-limonene for superior bioavailability and absorption over ordinary ubiquinone CoQ10 supplements.
BIOACTIVE Q UBIQUINOL SUPPORTS EVERY CELL IN YOUR ENTIRE BODY from your head to your toes and is essential for optimal cardiovascular health.
CRITICAL FOR THOSE ON STATINS as studies have shown that statins can drop CoQ10 levels by as much as 40%.
BIOACTIVE Q UBIQUINOL IS ALSO IDEAL IF YOU HAVE BLOOD SUGAR ISSUES as CoQ10 helps to produce energy within the mitochondria of cells, helping to promote arterial health, which is especially important to manage if you have blood sugar concerns.
DEVELOPED BY JULIAN WHITAKER, MD, PIONEER OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE and #1 clinical expert on nutritional supplementation for age-related concerns.

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