DNA Shift Probiotics 50 Billion CFU + 100mg PREBIOTIC with 11 LIVE Bacteria Strain Supplement Best for Natural Digestive and Brain Health in Men & Women – Non Refrigerated Probiotic Supplements

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Your search for a quality probiotic has been rewarded!

Upon purchasing Probiotic 50 Advanced today, take note “All product bottles include a plastic outer seal and a pressure inner seal – 2 seals per bottle”. Take 1 cap daily before a meal with purified water. Did you know that chlorinated water can kill your good gut bacteria? This 50 billion CFU with 11 carefully selected strains of probiotics may show the following benefits:

Aid with IBS (NOTE: You may experience an adjustment period)

Aid nutrient absorption for brain and general health

Aid to improve metabolism and boost immunity

Aid with antibiotic induced diarrhea, balance yeast growth/candida

Combat allergies, intolerance to lactose


11 strains with proven health benefits, backed by clinical studies were combined to create the Gut and Brain formula.

Your body may benefit greatly from this natural gut supplement. When the gut is not healthy, a ‘LEAKY GUT SYNDROME’ may follow that allows toxins to leak into the bloodstream. This leads to inflammation that may eventually contribute to many systemic ailments, including SUB-OPTIMAL BRAIN FUNCTION.


Lactospore survives well in gastric secretions to reach the intestines safely. The strain is semi-resident and only excreted after 7 days following discontinuation of administration.

100mg NutraFlora prebiotic fiber helps feed the good probiotic strains.

100mg Prebiotic

100% Natural


Gluten Free

Veg Caps


Well-known anti-aging doctors recommend probiotics to form part of your daily health routine.

Place your order now and consider getting two, because your journey on the anti-aging path has just started.


TARGETED FORMULATION: May help with symptoms of gas & bloating relief, constipation indigestion, irregularity, leaky gut, antibiotic induced diarrhea – Helps nutrient absorption. With continued LONG-TERM use may aid mood and energy levels to alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue & stress. May help with immune & metabolism health (maintain healthy weight & sugar levels), combat allergy & lactose intolerance, promote MALE & FEMALE HEALTH – balance yeast growth / candida
TOP RATED ORIGINAL GUT & BRAIN PROBIOTIC for a happy stomach – veggie capsules containing 11 live strains of good bacteria with extra strength 50 Billion CFU’s and 100 mg of Prebiotics Fibre – 500 mg all natural, non GMO free of soy, gluten and dairy, no artificial colours once a day high potency biotic pills – perfect men’s and women’s health booster for personal based health care – Vegan – suitable for vegetarian use
NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED. High quality probiotic farms. Guaranteed 50 Billion CFU count till date of expiry. Capsule containing complex multi strain live cultures lactobacillus acidophilus bifidobacterium plantarum gasseri casei bulgaricus rhamnosus Nutraflora fiber and more – Boost your system with these high quality tablets for natural relief
MADE IN THE USA : FDA-Registered facility. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Guidelines. Third party tested Biotics – Advanced Doctor Recommended Essential Nutritional Vitamins – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – FBA Amazon Timely Delivery – Subscribe and Save
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