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Citrexa – Weight Loss Pill – 30 Day Supply (120 Capsules)

Price: $19.95
(as of Dec 03,2018 00:09:19 UTC – Details)

Citrexa contains a proprietary blend of Osterfied fatty acids and a patented Polysaccharides Celedrin formula.It curbs cravings for sugar and carbohydrates by regulating hormone levels. For more information, please go to SCIENTIFIC WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT – Citrexa contains a proprietary blend of Osterified fatty acids and a patented Polysaccharides Celedrin formula that has undergone a variety of clinical studies. With 120 capsules per bottle, Citrexa will provide a full 30 days of 2 servings (2 = serving) per day.
NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS OR SIDE EFFECTS – The active ingredients in Citrexa work to reduce levels of leptin and insulin in the body, and raise levels of adiponectin. Leptin is a hormone that plays an important role in regulating how energy is processed in the body via appetite and metabolism. Since the 1950s, leptin has been the subject of decades of research into obesity and weight loss.
NO CAFFEINE OR STIMULANTS – Citrexa stabilizes leptin and adiponectin levels, eliminating the roller coaster cravings that sabotage will power.
WEIGHT LOSS 100% GUARANTEED – NO SIDE EFFECTS – This diet pill has been shown to increase weight loss by up to 42%.
PROVEN RESULTS – We have participated in a number of clinical trials, which bore out the safety and effectiveness of Citrexa. For testimonials and more information, please visit

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