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    Molybdenum Metal 99.99% Pure Element 42 Mo Chemistry Sample

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    What you will receive You will receive a 2ml glass vial of 99.99% pure molybdenum metal that it in a granular cylinder form. As seen in pictures. The Facts Molybdenum (atomic number 42) this sample is ideal for element collectors on the cheap or those conducting experiments. Molybdenum is a silvery- white metallic transition metal. It does not react with oxygen or water at room temperature and it also resists corrosion at ordinary temperatures. The Russian space program’s Luna 24 mission also discovered samples of molybdenum on the moon. Molybdenum is one of the five major refractory metals (metals with very high resistance to heat and wear). Without molybdenum, nothing could live. It is an essential trace element for animals and plants. As with selenium, too much of it is toxic, too little of it is fatal. Molybdenum is used as glass furnace electrodes due to its high melting point. In nitrogen fixing bacteria, molybdenum is a vital component of the nitrogenase enzyme which allows conversion of nitrogen gas in air into nitrates vital for plant growth The tensile strength of molybdenum increases as the diameter of the sample decreases. Making molybdenum wires highly valuable. Metal may arrive darker than seen in pictures this is normal. This is high quality yet cheap affordable Molybdenum. Safety / Caution Keep out of reach from children! Do not ingest Molybdenum can be toxic in long exposures or quantities When working with molybdenum it is a good idea to always have some type of gloves on.Element 42
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