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Biotics Research Zn-Zyme Forte Zinc – Zinc Supplement for Immune System Support – 1 Bottle

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Zn-Zyme Forte supplies 25 mg of elemental zinc per tablet. Zinc is a mineral essential to both normal health and to optimal cellular function. As a cofactor for an excess of seventy enzymes, zinc plays an important role in many cellular processes. Zinc is also a component of specific DNA binding proteins, known as zinc finger proteins, commonly referred to as zinc fingers. Zinc fingers are vital for nutrient/gene interactions. Consider Zn-Zyme Forte when a higher level of zinc supplemental is indicated.IMPROVES IMMUNITY: Zinc is needed in order to stay healthy and is a nutrient that can be found in cells throughout the body. Zinc helps support your immune system by stimulating the body’s natural defense mechanisms and acts to support normal inflammatory processes.
SUPPORTS ANTI-VIRAL DEFENSES: Getting a cold is never fun. Zinc supports the body’s defense mechanisms to protect against infection that may cause the common cold. Zinc assists the immune system, which interferes with the molecular process that causes the buildup of mucus and bacteria within the nasal passage.
PROMOTES FERTILITY: Zinc can help both men and women with fertility. For women, zinc can support production of mature eggs for fertilization, and assist with regulating hormone levels. For men, in-creased zinc levels boost sperm levels and quality of sperm.
WHO WE ARE: We are Biotics Research. We have revolutionized the nutritional supplement industry by utilizing “The Best of Science and Nature”. We drive advancement by focusing our initiatives on research, natural effectiveness, product safety, efficacy, unparalleled quality control and continuing innovation.
QUALITY MADE IN THE USA: FDA-Registered facility where this product is GMP-certified to assure the highest quality and purity. Gluten Free & Dairy Free.

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