These Are the Easiest Vegetables and Herbs You Can Grow From Food Scraps

Did you know you can grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs from the food scraps you normally throw away? Never go to the store again for any of these easy home-grown goodies! Read on to find out what you can start growing in your own home today.

1. Lemongrass

A super simple trick | Sombats/iStock/Getty Images

Lemongrass has great health benefits and is delicious to cook with (especially in Thai dishes). Growing your own is also super simple. All you have to do is place your leftover lemongrass root in a bowl or jar, cover it with water, and leave it in direct sunlight. After about a week, there should be some growth. As soon as that happens, transplant your new lemongrass plant into a pot or in your herb garden.


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