Rama reminds South Africa to eat a Good Breakfast during National Nutrition Week

SPONSORED: This week is National Nutrition Week and Rama wants to remind South Africans of the importance of a good breakfast, particularly for schoolchildren. 

A recent White Paper commissioned by Unilever, revealed that school age children who regularly skip breakfast are not likely to concentrate in class, thus affecting school performance. Studies also show that 86% of children reported that eating breakfast before school helped them to concentrate better and 89% said that it gave them energy for the rest of the day.

Earlier this year, Rama announced its commitment to making a nutritious breakfast an everyday reality for all South African school children by educating children and parents to improve their breakfast habits.

Rama is addressing the issue in two ways – through a schools programme that teaches kids the importance of a good breakfast every day and through a digital programme for parents.

Last month the Good Breakfast Schools Programme launched in 360 schools in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal – It’s a 4-week behaviour change programme that teaches children the importance and make-up of a good breakfast through interactive classes, including a Breakfast Pledge and song, The Breakfast Beat, written by musician and Good Breakfast ambassador, ProVerb.

Even with the best intentions, many parents may be surprised to find that their children aren’t getting the best possible breakfast nutrition. But, through the Good Breakfast Programme, they are able to work with their kids day to day to improve their breakfast habits at home.

The online programme reaches parents via Rama’s website and social media pages and includes the Breakfast Check, accessed via website or Facebook messenger, allowing parents to assess their family’s breakfast habits and help them to make better choices.

This National Nutrition Week put your breakfast habits to the test! Do the Breakfast Check at http://www.rama.co.za/breakfastcheck/

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