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When Ben Fuchs went to pharmacy school, he did so in the hopes to help people heal from their disease and live healthier, more productive lives.

“When I went out there and started my career in pharmacy I was puzzled, because no one was getting better. They were taking these prescriptions and actually getting worse,” Fuchs said.

So Fuchs did the unthinkable for a pharmacist – he challenged the idea of chemical pharmacy as a healing method and focused all of his effort on nutrition and nutritional supplements to help return people to form and function.

“So, I just went out and started myself a pharmacy that focused on dietary and supplemental strategies for wellness,” he said.

It was through Fuchs that one local health promotor has found much success in reaching weight and health goals and she wanted to share the man and his message.

“He made such a difference to Dan’s and my life,” said local businesswoman Caryl Parsons. “So we brought him in to offer his knowledge to the growing group in Woodward who care about what they are putting into their bodies.”

Completely free of charge, Fuchs will appear for two presentations in Woodward on Saturday at the Woodward Conference Center. The sessions, called “Healthy Brain Healthy Body” will take place at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and will include detailed instruction on how to change how people feel using nutrition through food as well as supplements.

Everyone is invited to attend.

Fuchs will be offering dietary strategies to prevent food and supplement interaction with prescriptions drugs as well as beginning to change important factors that affect health, such as blood pressure and diabetes, mental wellness and even improving the skin, merely by adding supplements and changing how one is eating, he said.

He comes by his interest in how nature can heal honestly as the son of parents who were farmers in New York.

“I was born on a farm in Flemington, New Jersey,” he said.

It was likely that basic foundation from farm to table and the importance of nutrient rich soil to the production of nutrient rich foods that sparked his interest and drove him to question the idea of adding chemical pharmaceuticals to a body to try and heal it.

He started applying those ideas conservatively while he was still working as a pharmacist.

“In terms of the healing powers of good nutrition, I started to get the idea,” he said. ” And I thought, why don’t we use nutrients? And so I started recommending nutrition and nutritional supplements along with prescriptions.”

And when he saw the improvements in patients, he began recommending dietary changes and nutritional supplements instead of the pharmaceuticals, he said.

“And they lost weight, their blood pressure dropped and they even saw improvements in mental health challenges,” he said.

It was then that he decided that since he had begun his new kind of pharmacy, he needed to also take time to get out to the people and begin to teach people about how to take care of themselves this way.

Hailing from a small town numbering about 4,500, this was a man who likely understood how to visit with people and help them learn.

He is recognized nationally for his work as the on-air pharmacist/nutritionist host of the radio show known as “The Bright Side”

And so now, the 26 year veteran pharmacist and consulting nutritionist is making his way from his home of 37 years in Colorado to Woodward.

For people like Parsons, the information he offers can help everyone who wants to turn away from the dysfunctional eating habits that have now produced problems in even young people.

“I thought it was interesting when I attended the Leadership Oklahoma event where we went to Fort Sill and got to experience some of what basic trainees go through in the Army,” she said. “When I was talking to the General, he told me that they are having trouble with these kids coming in now, who are getting stress fractures and problems like that because of a lack of exercise and a vitamin D deficiency. So they get to the Army they can’t do it without being injured so much so that they are now giving them Vitamin D supplements.”

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