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MITCHELL — J.J. Goldsberry, Purdue Extension Service nutrition education program assistant, has met with Hatfield Elementary School students in kindergarten through second grade to present information about Coordinated Approach to Child Health. The program offers fun, hands-on nutrition lessons as well as what is described in a Hatfield news release as “enjoyable, structured physical activity games.”

The CATCH classes fulfill the direct education component of a larger, school-wide health initiative going on this year at Hatfield, through an Indiana University Health Strong Grant. All students are learning the importance of engaging in physical activity, classifying foods into “Go, Slow and Whoa” categories, choosing healthy snacks, drinking water instead of sugary beverages and reducing screen time.

Sarah Wray, a Hatfield teacher, said, “It was so exciting to see students learn about healthy habits, and really take them to heart. They enjoyed seeing Mrs. Goldsberry each week, and they were excited to share how they had implemented what they had learned from the previous week’s lesson.

“Mrs. Goldsberry does a fantastic job with her lessons. She keeps students involved through discussion, and often, a fun activity that promotes health and wellness. Learning healthy habits at such a young age is so valuable, and I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to have this program as part of our class.”

The CATCH program is available free to any Lawrence or Orange County school that has 50 percent or more of its students enrolled in the free and reduced-price lunch program. More information is available by contacting Goldsberry at the Lawrence County Purdue Extension Service at (812) 275-4623 or at jgoldsb@purdue.edu.

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